Communicating at the bed side...where it's most important!

Current Tags
- Midlines
- Custom

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IVtags®serve as a simple and effecitive way to communicate to your nursing staff. Port labeling options include many of the common line specific pieces of information, and a nursing reminder for Scrubbing the Hub 15 seconds will inprove compliance to central line maintenance policy. IVtags® Communicating at the Bedside...Where Its Most Important!

Port Labeling Features:
- Date
- Catheter Length
- External Length
- Save for TPN
- Designate as Lab Port
- Free text area

Easy snap on action to label ports with all the important information to communicate to your nursing staff!!

When nurses are non-compliant to policy, some of the time they were uninformed of the proper policy, but much of the time they "forgot."

IVtags® addresses both of these issues. A well placed reminder will be in view of the patient and nurses to Scrub the Hub 15 Seconds. Another tool to help your facility target zero!

Immediate improvements:
- Communication
- Nursing Compliance
- Patient Safety
- CLABSI Prevention
- Patient Outcomes
- Cost Savings

IVtags® bridge a gap of communication between line placement and nursing care for the life of the line. Simple and Easy.

- Durable Lasting Plastic
- 2 Sided Communication
- Low Cost Item
- Snaps to any CVAD
- Easy Application
- Never Expires
- Latex Free

IVtags® is an infection control friendly device that snaps on any CVAD, communicating important information to your nursing staff.